Saturday, March 24, 2012

Greatness of India!!!

Recently, I had been on a whirlwind tour of the state on different attachments with different departments. Irrigation, Forest and tribal attachments were what we saw. What impressed me the most and created a different view of understanding the nation is our irrigation attachment. I was one of those freaks who would be glued to the Discovery channel and would be amazed at the engineering marvel of the foreign nations and be overawed at the tunnels they built or the dams they built.

But once I went to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, I felt the humbleness of the mason who put the stones which built this massive structure. I could feel the massive bamboo cascades, ramps which used to push the stones into the dam. Each stone weighed not less than one tonne and they had to be stacked as approved by the geologist. This would not have been a pleasant work nearly half a century ago when this dam was built. The engineer who designed the dam, the supervisors who checked that the work was upto the mark and the mason who put the bricks are all to be commended for the work they did in bringing the engineering marvel to us what we see now as the nagarjuna sagar dam.... Once inside the galleries of the dam, I felt the massiveness of concrete surrounding me....

Once in the veligonda Project, the train ride was 5 Km long and i could witness the massive Tunnel Boring Machine at work which extracted mud and stone out of the solid hills from which it was carving the tunnel. What I had dreamt of seeing in the foreign channels, I could witness with my own eyes...

I could not but stop amazed at the engineering marvels we have and we continued to build. I Just had thought that I could not understand the engineering marvels of the sate just becuase none of our media or for that matter the foreign channels also had not shown what we had one...Friends India is great...

Mera Bharat Mahan...


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