Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Many people say that the preparation for prelims is short spanned and exclusive from the mains..... I would like to differ with them...

To say my decision to take civil services as my career was done over a cup of coffee with my parents. Initially i wanted to make money like any other student and do a super speciality in medicine or if something different wanted to take the MBA from any premier B school...

But as fate would have it, I was motivated by my father with n number of examples to divert towards the civil services.then i was scouting for someone who had some basic knowledge of the examination.. I forgot that a repository of civil services examination was in the room above me. His name is Vamsi krishna. He is my senior from Kurnool Medical College. He was the one who introduced me to world of civils. It was him who recognised the talent in me to move towards the civils.

Initially i Wanted to take History as my optional subject as i loved the subject. Love is Blind as an old saying goes. i started my Preparation with vk agnihotri book. Days passed by, and i used to allocate just one or half an hour a day to the exam preparation. But the syllabus would not melt. Vk Agnihotri used to threaten me. Hence i took a decision to take Public Administration as the optional in place of the Anthropology.

from my Third year of medicine, i started preparing for the examination. I used to read one or half an hour a day including the news papers. Coming to the news papers, i would feel that, every civil aspirant need to have a view of two compulsory news papers, they are Hindu and The times of india. Former for news and the latter for Views....

and by the end of final year, i was able to get a glimpse of the entire subject. Albeit i was not strong in the subject, at least i was well versed with the names of the topics. There was a day when i had gone to Hyderabad to get the basic books of my subjects and general studies. The RC Reddy Study circle area was teeming with civil service aspirants and i was afraid to see all of them at one place. And then it was Vamsi who gave me the source of Inspiration. He told me to give attempt and be careful of the same as i was having only four attempts in my hand. 

Managing both my internship duties and studying for the examination was tiring and straining on my body as well as my mind. I used to have sleep for 6-8 hours a day. Rest of my time was spent either doing my duties or studying. It was gods grace that i could complete my duties easilty with the help of my friends and teachers. They could understand me well even if i could not answer one or two questions. 

And There came a point when i said QUITS... i decided to leave my internship duties and take an extension for two months. I then prepared whole heartedly for the examination...

AS for as my preparation pattern is concerned...
for Genral studies...
lakshmikanth for polity
dutt and sudnaram for indian economy
khullar for indian geography
atlas, internet for world geography
vk agnihotri, krishna reddy for indian history
tata mc grawhill and pearson genral studies manuals
tata mc grawhill science and technology material
vajiram and ravi current affairs notes
wizard current affairs for prelims
etc and etc...

for public administration

s chand public administration book
administrative thinkers by prasad and prasad
nicholas henry 
Rao IAS postal coaching material..

I had planned i a way that i was to complete one single reading of the entire syllabus by december and had to put multiple reivisons of the same and eliminate unnecessary material during the same period. By the time of the Prelims Examination I was confident enough of public admnistration but i Had no view of the general studies and what my fate would be...

I felt that i had done reasonably well in the Prelims examination...
on referring to multiple keys... i found that i had score 80+ in General Studies and 70+ in Public administration...

hence i was confident that i would make it to the Mains...


  1. Hi bharath u r really inspiring and proved that with correct strategy it's not so tough to crack it in the first attempt..I am going to write in 2011 and my optionals are anthro and telugu lit..pls share some views and your mode of preparation for anthropology because there wasn't enough info about anthro in net unlike other optionals..if possible pls mail me ur personal id at r surely gonna rock buddy..all the best for ur future..


  3. hello sir,
    myself v.linga reddy,studying final year,i want to attempt csat in 2012 sir.prelims ki ela prepare kavalo,ye books vadalo chepandi sir pls..
    i will be very thankful to you sir.

  4. Hello Bharath,

    Really great to see u here. You are really fantastic and at last going to serve poor people.Your dreams are coming true.

    mail me
    waiting for your reply...


  5. hello sir,
    i am a 1 year student[mechanical engg.].i want to prepare for civil services.plz suggest for subject&right time for preparation plzzzzzz......mail me on (

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